See What's in Your Water!

parVerio is the elision of ‘parvus’ meaning ‘small’, and ‘aperio’ meaning ‘I reveal’.

parVerio was founded to address the growing problem of microplastic contamination in our environment by providing new tools and information to improve human health outcomes with microparticulate analysis.


Household Consumers

Learn what is in your household water. Our fast and cost effective home testing services will make sure you know how much plastic you are drinking.

Beverage Producers

Work with our specialists to find and monitor microplastic contamination levels throughout your production processes.


Microplastics are an increasing area of concern for public health. We will make sure your citizens have the highest quality of water.

Research and Nonprofit

We are passionate about the care of our natural world. The preservation and protection of its water is crucial. Partner with us for premier monitoring services in your local watershed.


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