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What Do You Know About Microplastics?

Not much? Neither does anyone else. Parverio harnesses a revolutionary technology that allows for microplastic detection at a cost, rate, and resolution that has never before been possible. Together, we can learn about this emerging pollutant.

Our Services

Our expertise goes beyond microplastic. Parverio provides Mico and Nano particulate detection at the lowest possible cost. Give us your problem and we will find the right solution for you.


Find out the contamination in what you are drinking.

Environmental Research

Learn about microplastic contamination with unparalleled clarity and affordability. 

Industrial Discovery

Discover potential contamination at every step of your process. Get ahead of this problem and set yourself apart from the competition.

About Parverio Inc.

Parverio is the resulting brainchild of a decade of micro and nano filtration research conducted by our founders at the University of Rochester Nanomembrane Research Group. Unexpectedly, techniques developed by this research were unusually effective at microplastic detection. Once our founders realized this and learned about some of the concerns of this emerging pollutant they decided to spread microplastic awareness and harness their expertise in addressing this issue head on.


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