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What can Parverio do for you?

Parverio's revolutionary technologies have made microplastic detection accessible to the average person. For the first time, rapid and affordable testing is available to the world. Whatever your needs, problems, or worries; Parverio will provide you with the answers you need. 


Learn what is in your household water. Our fast and cost effective home testing services will make sure you know how much plastic you are drinking.


When it comes to micro and nano particulate all of the experts are with Parverio. Whatever your research project and background we can provide micro plastic detection at the lowest possible cost. 


Get ahead of the curve with your products. As microplastic information continues to build consumers are going to become increasingly aware of this issue. Parverio can help you make the necessary decisions about your processes and industry to give you the competitive edge on this topic. 


Learn about your watersheds at a previously unattainable scale. Through thorough testing we can help identify sources and top areas of concerns for this contaminate.


Guarantee the highest quality water for your residents. Parverio can offer rapid testing to determine potential leech sites and contamination areas.

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