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Parverio is helping to improve our health and environment by reveling the microplastic problem to the world. As microplastic contamination increasingly pollutes our food, drink, air, and environment the need for rapid detection and mitigation become more and more necessary. Parverio is using its revolutionary technologies to reveal microplastics faster, more accurately, and in greater detail than anyone. 

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about Microplastics

Microplastics are exactly what they sound like, small bits of plastic ranging in size from a small grain of rice down to invisible micron sized particles. In the last 60 years humanity has managed to get these microplastic particles into every part of our planet, floating in the atmosphere all the way down to the bottom of ocean trenches. 

There is already so many of these particles in the environment that microplastics have even been found in human placentas! This is concerning as microplastics have been shown to move harmful chemicals into human cells. Even more concerning is microplastics themselves have been shown to cause significant neurological, hormonal, and digestive changes in living organisms. 


Our Services

Our expertise goes beyond microplastic. Parverio provides Micro and Nano particulate detection at the lowest possible cost. Give us your problem and we will find the right solution for you.


See the debris in what you are drinking on a daily basis.

Environmental Research

Determine microplastic contamination with unparalleled clarity and affordability. 

Industrial Discovery

Discover potential contamination at every step of your process. Get ahead of this problem and set yourself apart from the competition.

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