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Mission Launch: Available and Affordable Microplastic Data to Solve the Microplastic Problem

The mission of Parverio is to bring the problems of microplastics into greater clarity by making microplastic analysis services available and accessible to everyone; creating high quality information to address these problems directly. Our immediate goal is to create effective standards and practices for this pollutant, and we will achieve this by showing everyone what exactly is happening with their water.

We are now a month past the end of our crowdfunding campaign to build a database of microplastics in Western New York. We have spent this time reviewing what we learned from this project, what went right and what went wrong. Our understanding of the microplastic problem is better than ever, and is now reinforced with new knowledge. We are pushing ahead to gather more and better data about microplastics and we are writing now to tell you about it.

In the next few weeks, we will be launching a video series where we test common products for microplastic content. Every week, we will be testing food and beverages in the United States and showing you what they look like under the microscope. Our goal for this series is to demonstrate the need for high quality microplastic studies and standards. Based on what we have seen in our previous research, we expect to see large particle counts and a large variance between samples.

We will be focusing on a different product for each video, including but not limited to: bottled water, beer, paper cups, and water filters.

Check out the introduction video here:

One of the limitations of our previous approach to the microplastic problem is the lack of public awareness about microplastics. People intuitively understand that consuming thousands of plastic particles a year is not a good thing. Unfortunately, as with many invisible problems we face, it often does not get the attention or concern it deserves. We expect the images we produce from these tests will help our customers and the public see what we are dealing with. Microplastics can no longer hide from us.

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In conjunction with the video series, we are now offering pre-orders for our exclusive microplastic test. This will be our first affordable microplastics test available to the public.

Beyond affordability, our test and analysis will provide significantly superior data to the few available products out there. Most tests provide a single line of data, we can provide customers with a full spectrum of characterization, including mass estimates, size distributions, and comparative statistics to other samples.

As we run more and more of these tests, the usefulness of our database will increase. This will give researchers, environmentalists, health officials, and the public good information to evaluate risks of exposure. Right now, there are many kinds of studies on microplastics and their effects, making it difficult to make informed decisions about risk assessment.

Pre orders will also receive 20% off the final price of a Microplastic Test! Get it here:

Make sure to follow us everywhere on social media to keep up to date. We will be creating this new data piece by piece, and you won't want to miss it.

Team Parverio

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